Business - CPS Specialty (BUSS)

BUSS 1004. Dynamics of Business. 3 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to develop a foundation for understanding how U.S. business operates in a global marketplace. Examines key external factors that influence its development: the economy, government, law, politics, and international business. Studies the internal organization of business, highlighting major issues associated with the key management functions such as marketing, finance, information systems, and operations. Emphasizes practical applications of business principles and current events.

BUSS 1015. Business of Sports Management. 3 Hours.

Surveys management and administration pertaining to all levels of athletics. Focuses on basic theories of management and administration in athletic organizations. Addresses planning, scheduling, and financing aspects required to run a successful athletics program. Offers students an opportunity to learn to develop communication and management skills. Emphasizes decision making.

BUSS 1110. Chinese Business Today. 3 Hours.

Through case studies and simulations, students will engage with hot topics in the China business scene and build an understanding of cross-cultural differences in business etiquette and strategy between China and the west. Using Shanghai as a backdrop, the course will introduce students to Chinese history that has influenced China’s economic development and relationship with other countries. Students will gain an understanding of the basics of business in modern China and different avenues through which they could pursue a business career involving China.

BUSS 1130. Intensive Chinese Business Today. 3 Hours.

This intensive program is a thorough introduction to the realities of business in modern China. It is no secret that the whole world is trying to figure out how to do business in China, but most people lack the background and cultural understanding necessary for success. This full-day course will introduce students to business in modern China as it has emerged on the world stage with Shanghai at its financial center. Topics will include finance, economics, market research, entrepreneurial practices, and production. Discuss the current state of U.S.-Sino business relations and learn about obstacles facing foreign companies in China. Learn about the history of China’s business interactions with the west and take advantage of Shanghai’s fascinating history as a foreign concession. Experience the cultural differences between the way business is conducted in China and develop your China business savvy.