Art - CPS Specialty (ARTV)

ARTV 1005. Art History. 3 Hours.

Introduces the visual arts from Greek art to the Italian High Renaissance and Mannerism. Emphasizes those artistic events and personalities that contributed to the artistic development of the different periods. Throughout the course, historical, social, and religious points are covered in relation to art, with an emphasis on Italian art, especially during the Renaissance. The course is divided into lectures; walking tours; and visits to museums, churches, and/or monuments. Offers students an opportunity to learn to recognize the main characteristics of art and architecture from 600 BC to 1600 AD.

ARTV 1071. Digital Photography. 3 Hours.

Introduces students to digital photography with a particular focus on the most updated techniques and the ways to incorporate them in classic fine art photography. Explores the use of computer state-of-the-art techniques, while introducing students to classic black-and-white darkroom work, and the ways the two can be combined for a new interpretation of the photographic medium. Offers students an opportunity to learn to master the use of photo software, to control the scanning of a picture/transparency/negative, and to make high-quality digital prints. Addresses elements of photo composition and graphic design, photo history, and relationships with other art media.